Experienced Advocate in Securities Litigation

The firm handles all types of contentious issues involving the sale or recommendation of securities (i.e. investment products). If you have given money to another person to have them invest it for you, and you have suffered losses, you may have a claim. The firm represents investors in actions involving:

Breach of fiduciary duty.      Your investment advisor has put his or her interests above your interests.

  • Breach of duty to fully disclose all material facts.      Your investment advisor has convinced you to purchase an investment by not fully disclosing all of the risks or other important facts about the investment.
  • Breach of duty to conduct due diligence on an investment.      Your broker sold you an investment without adequately researching the investment.

Why Us?

    Impact Finance is a securities, arbitration, and mediation consulting firm providing complete support to securities attorneys as well as case analysis for individual investors who have lost money due to bad advice or investments.


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