Protecting Victims of Financial Fraud and Investment Loss

We are proud to say that Impact Finance has been instrumental in recovering in excess of $100 million in investment losses on behalf of investors.

Every year millions of individuals (both sophisticated in the stock market and those with little or no investment experience) lose billions of dollars by entrusting their hard earned savings to unscrupulous individuals. While not all investment losses are recoverable, where the losses are the result of improper conduct by an investment professional, such as a stockbroker, investment advisor, trustee, and/or an insurance agent, often the losses can be recovered.

With many decades of securities litigation experience, Impact Finance has uniquely qualified personnel to represent investors in recovering investment losses.

Impact Finance have successfully recovered investment losses from some of the world's largest securities brokerage firms such as Morgan Stanley, Dean Witter, Merrill Lynch, Solomon Smith Barney, WM Financial, Wells Fargo Securities.

Impact Finance is currently evaluating and prosecuting claims on behalf of investors who have experienced investment losses caused by their financial advisors. These claims include breach of fiduciary duty, elder abuse, stockbroker malpractice, securities fraud, broker-dealer liability, negligence, misrepresentations and/or omissions of material facts, fraud, conflicts of interest and other professional misconduct.

Why Us?

    Impact Finance is a securities, arbitration, and mediation consulting firm providing complete support to securities attorneys as well as case analysis for individual investors who have lost money due to bad advice or investments.


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